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No Express or Implied Warranties. No other promise other than the refund policy stated in paragraph 7 has been made to the client and the client specifically agrees that no additional promises representations or express and/or implied warranties other than those terms spelled out in this agreement were made with respect to the services to be rendered or outcome to be achieved. YOU MAY CANCEL THIS CONTRACT WITHOUT PENALTY OR OBLIGATION AT ANY TIME BEFORE MIDNIGHT OF THE THIRD 3rd BUSINESS DAY...
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hey credit heroes Daniel here at credit repair cloud headquarters, and I am so excited because we are launching a brand-new feature today, and you are going to love it this is something that people have been asking us for years literally for years okay let me set this up here's the scenario you've been working with a client for over a month you started by importing their credit reports, and then you sent off all their disputes and now a month is passed, and you'll want to see what has changed at the bureau, so you want to see what has changed on those credit reports right well in the past we had no way to show you this in credit repair cloud you'd have to go through the reports yourselves but not any more check this out okay I'm here in the clients' dashboard, and I'm clicking the button that says one click import and now there's a brand-new button that says re-imported report, so I click it is connects to the credit monitoring system it accesses all the report data, and then it imports, and it analyzes all the things that have changed on that clients credit reports and bingo it now shows this amazing dashboard at the top it shows you all three scores at all three bureaus, and it tells you exactly how many points they've gone up or gone down it shows you exactly how many items have been deleted since the last import how many have been updated a positive updated to negative or how many new accounts have been added and then if you scroll down you can see all the details of all those items that have changed since the last import and if you want to get granular you can click on the little eyeball icon, and you'll show you even more detail and then if we scroll all the way to the bottom of this RIAA ports uh Marie there's a button to download this summary as a PDF, so you can share the good news with your client, and then you can click here on the green button to continue to the credit report preview page where you tag any new items for dispute, so again this new feature is called the re-import summary I know you are going to love it I hope you get a chance to use it today and keep changing lives see ya Music
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